Future of Finance: 6 New Priorities for BPO Providers and their Clients

Capgemini Shares How COVID-19 Has Changed Conversations

Before COVID-19, many conversations that organizations were having with their Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers centered around cost. However, after the initial shock of the pandemic registered with many companies, those conversations shifted. Topics of discussion are now revolving around new BPO priorities – security and safety, controls, and cash.

Finance and accounting BPO providers have needed to change and evolve how they help their customers adapt to these unprecedented times.

Capgemini, a global consulting organization that occupies the business process services space, shares how COVID-19 has changed the conversations that BPO providers are having with their clients. Download this eBook to learn more about the 6 new BPO priorities they see emerging now:

  1. Cash Position and Collections
  2. Speed and Savings
  3. Partnership Between the CFO and CIO
  4. Business Agility
  5. Future of the Accountant in the Face of AI
  6. The Necessity of Automation and Connectivity