Don’t Let Other FinTech Projects Hold You Back From Transforming Your Record To Report Process

We often ask our webinar attendees, “If you don’t have an automated Record to Report (R2R) solution in place, what is it that’s holding you back?” Time and time again what we hear is that although people are aware of the opportunities for R2R automation, they are unable to begin a transformation project because they are focusing on other system implementations at the time.

The reality is that automating the R2R process through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) doesn’t need to be done in isolation of other projects, especially if those projects are related to your ERP. And, what’s more, it doesn’t need to be a strain on the business. Instead, R2R is an area you can transform quickly and simply in 2017.

View this webinar for a glimpse into Trintech’s R2R solutions and see:

  • The options for financial transformation automation
  • Why we should care about the Record to Report process
  • Why ERP developments won’t help resolve R2R challenges
  • What technology and automation looks like in practice
  • What the benefits are to you and the business

View Recording Here

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