Closing Outside the ERP

One of the most common things we hear when we speak to organizations about improving their financial close process through automation is “But I already have an ERP system.” It’s true, an ERP goes a long way towards helping manage some of the financial close process. However, there is still a great deal of work that is taken outside of the ERP each period end and managed manually.

Our customer base consists of the majority of the Fortune 500 who also have ERPs, including Oracle®, SAP®, Microsoft®, NetSuite® and yet they still have identified challenges in their Record to Report process due to the struggle of manually managing the financial close process outside the ERP. So, what can be done to address this, reduce manual effort and ensure both the standardization of processes and the integrity of financial data?

View this webinar to learn:

  • The most common areas of ‘white space’ outside an organization’s ERP
  • The challenges and risks this can deliver to the business
  • How a Risk Intelligent RPA™ (RI-RPA) approach to your Record to Report process can help to bridge these gaps
  • How other organizations have made their business better through automating the processes outside the ERP

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