7 Steps to Success: Guide to Selecting Financial Close Software


Finding the best financial close solution for your business can quickly lead to information overload. Before selecting software, start by pinpointing the key priorities for your business. What would you like to accomplish? A faster close? Improve the accuracy of your reporting? All of the above?

Key Priorities When Selecting a Financial Close Software

Keep these things in mind to reveal the challenges and issues your team and organization are facing:

  1. Focus on your organization’s current challenges. Is this a technology, process, or people challenge?
  2. Focus on your resources and preparation. Align and prioritize your challenges from highest to lowest priority, and then focus on who can help you solve these issues. Are your internal resources sufficient, or do you need an implementation partner that can help drive your evaluation process?
  3. Focus on the bottom line. Obtain all the data points to make your decision. Focus on getting a tailored demo, best and final pricing options, and an implementation partner that brings tools to accelerate your implementation journey.

Download this guide to get your organization on the way to success with a financial close solution.