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Reduce the cost, time and risk of ERP data integration

One Central Source of Truth

Your ERP is a sizeable investment, and it’s important that it continues to be your one central source of truth – just as you originally intended. Some technology vendors require you to maintain two sources of data, one within the ERP and one that sits outside of the ERP in their system, creating two sources of truth that may be out of synchronization. Trintech takes a different approach by ensuring your ERP system is up-to-date with all of your financial data, including intercompany reconciliations.

With Trintech’s pre-built ERP connectors, you’ll be able to seamlessly import your data into a dedicated solution that’s uniquely designed to manage your financial Close process. Now, your ERP’s information can be easily leveraged and kept up-to-date without expensive, time-consuming third-party integrations.

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Trintech’s ERP connectors are built in the native ERP language to enable ease of adoption and long-term flexibility.

The ERP’s Role for the Office of Finance

Your ERP system can facilitate parts, but not all, of your office of finance’s day-to-day activities. Frequently, there is still a significant amount of work that must be done outside of the ERP each period end. These tasks are often managed manually – quickly putting your financial data and the reliability of your statements at risk.

To help you maximize the value of your ERP investment while still allowing it to be your central source of truth, we have developed ERP connectors for SAP®, Oracle® and NetSuite®. The pre-built ERP connectors are designed to reduce the cost, time and risk of data integration by eliminating the need to develop custom code, making the integration between your ERP and your Trintech Record to Report solution less expensive, faster and more efficient.




It’s important to think long-term, especially when it comes to the transformation of your financial processes.

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An ERP Agnostic Approach

Instead of narrowly aligning with one specific ERP vendor, Trintech takes an agnostic approach to integrating this data. Though we have developed pre-built connectors for some of the most commonly used ERPs, we also do not limit our expertise to one or even just a handful of vendors.

We understand that as your company grows and undertakes a merger or acquisition, you may need to integrate new ERPs with your existing Trintech solution. Being ERP agnostic allows Trintech to provide the flexibility you need for the future.

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