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Risk Intelligent Inspect Brochure

Download our product sheet today to learn out more about how Risk Intelligent Inspect can help protect your organization from errors & fraud.

Variance Analysis Capabilities

Variance analysis should be performed regularly to uncover areas of potential fraud, misstatement, or high spending. Unfortunately, when completed manually, the lack of timeliness and irregularity with which this process is often handled does not effectively mitigate financial risk. To learn more about how an automated solution can provide efficiency,…

Intercompany Accounting Capabilities

Intercompany accounting is one of the most complex processes a global office of finance can undergo, and sadly, it’s not typically managed with the right tools and risk-reducing control it needs. On paper, the intercompany process of creating an invoice workflow, booking journal entries and reconciling activities sounds simple. However,…

Adra Suite Brochure

The pressure to close your books faster is growing, yet you’re still relying on legacy tools, namely spreadsheets and binders, to manage the financial close. You don’t have visibility into the process. You can run into obstacles you can’t predict. Your manual processes are prone to error. Everyone is working…

Adra Task Manager Brochure

The process of closing the books and reporting the results is a complex feat of project management. It takes a lot of planning and coordination to complete all of the tasks in a short period of time while ensuring compliance with financial controls. Still, the company wants you to close…

UPCS Brochure

In the past two decades, digital capabilities for unclaimed property reporting have increased drastically apace with technology improvements. Consequently, companies have struggled to adjust their escheatment processes to these innovations. Remain compliant by implementing an automated escheatment solution using UPCS by Trintech to stay alert and proactive.

ReconNET Brochure

ReconNET by Trintech automates over 90% of your processes and improves productivity while reducing the costs associated with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, such as spreadsheets and emails, that are often associated with reconciliation. By streamlining your workflow, you can deploy resources to other areas critical to your business. Learn…