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AI Risk Rating for Journal Entry

With our JE SAP connector and state of the art Risk Rating engine, AI and Machine Learning is at your fingertips for automatically quantifying risk. You can easily identify journals that are considered high risk based on your unique use cases and criteria, and can take necessary preventive actions to…

Close APR Automation & ERP Bots

Using our new APR automation and ERP bots to enhance your R2R process will enable users to stay in Cadency longer and drive up efficiency with less clicks being needed. Having jobs automatically pushed into your ERP with supporting information provided with the APR bots creates a seamless and real…

Cadency – No Approver Routing for Low Value Journals

Throughout the month, organizations are creating, reviewing, approving and processing thousands of journal entries. Some journals under a certain threshold are identified by organizations to not require an approval to allow for faster time to close. While robust dynamic routing and approval is possible in Cadency Journal Entry, also provide…

Cadency – Automated Recurring Journal Entries

There are certain types of journal entries we expect to make month after month, such as rent, insurance expenses, depreciation, etc. With Automated Recurring Journal Entries, our customers can reduce the need of manually entering monthly or periodic journal entries. These entries can be set up on a predefined schedule…

How to Make Intercompany Accounting Predictable and Reliable

If you are a global organization with multiple entities, establishing a predictable and reliable intercompany accounting process is a crucial part of creating a successful future for your company. In this video, we’ll show you how to streamline this process all the way through – from the initial invoice and…

Cadency Match – Integrated High Volume Matching

With Cadency Match, the office of finance can perform high-volume transaction matching as part of a comprehensive approach to the Record to Report process – rapidly enhancing the accuracy and regulatory compliance of all resulting financial statements. The solution’s exception management capabilities apply multiple match rules to quickly reduce the…

Cadency – Oracle® EBS Integration

With our Oracle® EBS, we provide an efficient and effective solution to extracting GL balances and transactions. In this example, we'll see the connector in action and also how it sits within the ERP ecosystem and can be configured directly from inside EBS.

Cadency – Enhanced Close Action Plan Router APIs

If you have multiple systems within your office of finance where you are tracking close tasks, this can mean a lot of repetitive work for your staff. Cadency’s enhanced Close Action Plan Router APIs create a better communication path that extends your ability to close tasks in one system and…

Cadency Identify Access Management (IAM) API

Cadency's new Identity Access Management (IAM) API enables customers to seamlessly manage Cadency users with their IAM tool of choice and integrate with their existing user provisioning workflows. IAM API supports the ability to create and deactivate users, provision roles, search user permissions and open tasks assigned to a user.

GENCFO Deep Dive: The Challenge of Remote Working

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsJune 11th, 2020
This session will examine how organisations of all sizes can quickly and easily improve and change the way their finance team works, taking a small step on the road to finance transformation. In a recent GENCFO survey, it was unsurprisingly identified that there is an increased demand being placed on…