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Leverage the Latest Cloud Solutions

According to Gartner, the Cloud will be the default option for software deployments by 2020. Learn why world-class organizations around the globe have turned to the Cloud to modernize their financial processes while providing significant long-term cost savings and convenience.

4 Steps to Simplifying Risk in the Banking Industry

Financial risk is a well-known threat that CFOs factor into their decision-making. Trying to mitigate that risk through a manual approach of emails, spreadsheets and binders is an ineffective defense. In today’s banking industry, there continues to be a steady uptick in instances of financial risk that can impact both…

Automating for a More Accurate, Faster and Cheaper Financial Close

It’s easy to say that it won’t happen to us, but failures in the close process result in, at best, time consuming rework and at worst, materiality issues that can lead to misstatements, restatements, decreased valuations and maybe even personal liability. In this infographic, industry peers reveal their top priorities…

The Cost Savings of Moving to the Cloud

How much can your office of finance save by moving to the cloud? Discover the monetary costs of an on-premise IT solution that hide below the surface and how moving to the cloud provides cost control advantages.

5 Key Trends in the Record to Report Process

The office of finance is tasked with improving finance efficiency and reducing costs while providing a higher quality, higher value service to the business. In short, delivering more with less. Explore this best practice guide highlighting the What, Why and, most importantly, How of R2R transformation.

Webinar: The Benefits of RPA in the Oil and Gas Industry

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsApril 24th, 2019
The oil and gas industry has always faced uncertainty with its revenue stream given the volatility inherent in global commodity markets. At the same time, the industry has changed dramatically over the past ten years, enhancing drilling efficiency, lowering operating costs and ultimately lowering breakeven points across all the major…