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Adra Suite Brochure

The pressure to close your books faster is growing, yet you’re still relying on legacy tools, namely spreadsheets and binders, to manage the financial close. You don’t have visibility into the process. You can run into obstacles you can’t predict. Your manual processes are prone to error. Everyone is working…

Adra Task Manager Brochure

The process of closing the books and reporting the results is a complex feat of project management. It takes a lot of planning and coordination to complete all of the tasks in a short period of time while ensuring compliance with financial controls. Still, the company wants you to close…

ReconNET – Account Reconciliation Automation

Benefits of Automated Account Reconciliation ReconNET by Trintech automates over 90% of your processes and improves productivity while reducing the costs associated with time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, such as spreadsheets and emails, that are often associated with reconciliation. By streamlining your workflow, you can deploy resources to other areas…

Leveraging Cloud Solutions For Finance

Your Trintech Solution in the Cloud According to Gartner, the Cloud will be the default option for software deployments by 2020. Learn why world-class organizations around the globe have turned to the Cloud to modernize their financial processes while providing significant long-term cost savings and convenience.

4 Steps to Reduce Risk in the Banking Industry

Financial risk is a well-known threat that CFOs factor into their decision-making. Trying to mitigate that risk through a manual approach of emails, spreadsheets and binders is an ineffective defense. In today’s banking industry, there continues to be a steady uptick in instances of financial risk that can impact both…