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Cadency Compliance Product Brochure

Cadency Compliance Financial compliance is a complicated, multi-dimensional source of monetary and reputational risk for your organization and costly issues can easily live in every step of your Record to Report process. Though it may be daunting to even think about how to implement solid financial governance throughout the entire…

Cadency Close Product Brochure

Significantly diminish the severity of the peaks and valleys in your team’s workload while still safeguarding control, visibility and audit-ready reports with an Automated Close Management Solution As you prepare to complete your period end, do you feel like you’re reliving a bad dream instead of making progress toward a…

Cadency Journal Entry Product Brochure

Benefits of Journal Entry Automation The journal entry process is a crucial part of ensuring an accurate close, accounting for all financial details, and creating audit-ready documentation. Yet, for most organizations, the process lacks visibility, control and offers little in the way of risk management. Like many others in the…

Spreadsheets vs. Finance Process Automation

Spreadsheets have been the backbone of finance and accounting for decades, even though technology has changed dramatically along the way. But now, the role of accountants in the organization has transitioned from “bean counters” and budget planners to more future-oriented, strategic partners. Outdated tools such as spreadsheets, and the manual…

Your ERP Is Just the Beginning – Close the Gaps with Finance Automation

One of the most common things we hear when speaking to organizations about improving their financial close process through automation is: “But, we have already deployed a best-of-breed ERP.” It’s true an ERP goes a long way towards helping manage parts of the financial close process. However, there is still…

Enabling Financial Transformation through Technology

The office of finance is tasked with improving finance efficiency and reducing costs while providing a higher quality, higher value service to the business. In short, delivering more with less. Explore this best practice guide highlighting the What, Why and, most importantly, How of R2R transformation.

Shared Services: Improving Record to Report Performance

Typically, Shared Services Center (SSCs) automation initiatives have been undertaken to reduce costs and improve efficiency. And these goals are achieved relatively easily within the first few years, most immediately through reduced labor costs and centralized activities. In fact, standardization and centralization deliver up to 50% savings. During subsequent phases,…

The True Measure of the Financial Close

There is an old adage “What gets measured gets managed”, however, it is also true that if you are measuring the wrong things you will end up managing the wrong things. Organizations must ensure their F&A teams know the true measure of the close and are managing the right Record…

The Impact of RPA in Finance and Accounting

Over the last couple of years there has been one topic of discussion in the finance community that has been growing louder and louder: Robotic Process Automation. But what is RPA, how does it affect the close process, and how are other companies currently utilizing automation to transform their financial close?

Western & Southern Financial

Case Study
Western & Southern Uses Trintech’s Reconciliation and R2R solutions to Oversee and Report on Internal & External Financial Controls Western & Southern Financial Group is a Fortune 500 diversified family of financial services companies, owning and managing total assets of $65 billion. Western & Southern is one of the strongest…