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Automate Your Unclaimed Property Compliance Process from Beginning to End

Keeping track of unclaimed property laws and regulations across all various jurisdictions is a challenge because these laws change constantly. And, in addition to all of these details, there’s still quite a bit of work that needs to be done as you complete and keep track of your due diligence efforts, all while managing the security risks that come with managing yours customers’ personally identifiable information.

You need to automate these activities.
It’s the most reliable way to ensure that your escheatment process is compliant, complete, and on time.

Fortunately, UPCS (Unclaimed Property Compliance System) by Trintech can make this process much easier , automating every step of the escheatment process from start to finish. Put the days of tracking regulations and filing due diligence paperwork behind you. Save time, improve your workflows, and keep your customer data secure, all with UPCS.


  • Accurate, properly formatted unclaimed property reports that are fully compliant with all pertinent laws and regulations
  • Automated due diligence letter generation and follow-up activities
  • Time-saving workflows that allow you to submit state reports online
  • Robust prevention against costly errors and penalties including duplicate payments and bookkeeping errors
  • Detailed, easily accessible audit trails of every activity throughout your system

Benefits and Details

Due Diligence

UPCS automatically applies the applicable rules and deadlines for each state and territory. Thousands of letters can be automatically generated, scheduled, and tracked for deliverability and responses — quickly saving you time and money on unclaimed property due diligence.


Why keep track of hundreds of ever-changing legal requirements manually? UPCS’s in-house experts constantly monitor regulatory changes in 54 jurisdictions — and you’ll be quickly notified when updates are available to make sure you’re always fulfilling your requirements.


UPCS allows you to create every required report for all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. territories — with the press of a button — using the property records in your system.


UPCS allows you to secure your data and prevent financial loss via user-level security options, Windows authentication, database-level encryption, encrypted configuration files, and TLS/SSL encrypted network communications.

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