Trintech Talks ft. Basico


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Trintech recently sat down with Jonas Peterson of Basico to talk through the increase of digital transformation initiatives across Finance and Accounting organizations and how the recent partnership between Trintech and Basico is supporting these initiatives as companies make the switch from manual to automated processes. Check out the full conversation to dive deeper into the following topics:

  1. Why change management is key to a successful transformation. Change is never easy, but a thorough and agile change management plan ensures a successful transformation.
  2. Why digital maturity is creating a competitive edge. It’s not enough to just use technology; using technology to the best of its abilities and fully adapting to it is what pushes an organization in front of its competitors.
  3. What questions you should be asking as you embark on a transformation initiative. It’s critical to ask about the limits of technology, how it will impact each part of your business, and how it fits in with how your business is currently operating and will operate in the future.