Webinar: Adra Analytics – Gaining Meaningful Insights into Your Financial Data

Adra Analytics is designed to give you a deeper knowledge about and greater visibility into the close process. Adra Analytics can be used in a variety of tools including Microsoft, Power BI, Tableau or Excel. With Adra Analytics, you see more holistically how the close process is performing, have the ability to look back over previous periods to identify trends or reoccuring roadblocks, create organization specific KPIs and if needed, display alongside other data from different processes and programs.” – Takoradi Harris, Trintech

Event Details

During this webinar we demonstrate how Adra Analytics puts control back in your hands with accurate, up to date reporting capabilities that ensure you have full visibility into your close process. By giving you a full range of motion into Adra Balancer and Task Manager data, Adra Analytics allows you to narrow in on the details you need, as well as zoom out and see the bigger picture of how your month-end is impacting your company’s financials.

Takoradi Harris – Director, Mid-Market Technical Sales – Trintech







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