Driving R2R Transformation for a Stronger 2024: Shorter Close, Stronger Controls, Lower Risks


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In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their financial processes, optimize resources, and mitigate risks to stay ahead of the competition. One critical area that holds the key to achieving these objectives is Record to Report (R2R) transformation.

Download this Trintech and FORVIS webinar that dives into the strategies and best practices required to drive R2R transformation and set the stage for a stronger and more resilient 2024. During this webinar, we explore:

  • Streamlining the Close Process: Learn how to significantly reduce the time and effort required for financial close, enabling your organization to make quicker, data-driven decisions and allocate resources more efficiently.
  • Enhancing Control Frameworks: Understand the importance of robust controls in the R2R process to ensure data accuracy, compliance, and risk mitigation. Discover practical ways to strengthen your control environment and minimize vulnerabilities.
  • Mitigating Risks: Explore strategies for identifying and mitigating risks associated with financial reporting, including those related to data integrity, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance.
  • Leverage Technology: Discover how cutting-edge technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics, can be harnessed to streamline R2R processes, strengthen controls, and proactively manager risks.
  • Case Studies and Success Stories: Gain insights from real-world case studies and success stories of organizations that have successfully implemented R2R transformation initiatives, and learn from their experiences and achievements.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and make 2024 your organization’s best year yet.


David Woodall, Trintech

Cheryl Levesque, FORVIS