How Automation Can Help F&A Teams with the “Great Resignation” Challenge


The financial close process relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of your people to ensure its integrity. However, for too long, highly skilled financial professionals have been equipped with inadequate tools and technology to perform their jobs both efficiently and effectively. The result of this has been increased churn, greater challenges with recruitment and retention, and an increased risk of material errors.

In this webinar we will dive deeper into how automation can be utilized to unlock human capability so your teams can start to work smarter, not harder.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why financial transformation initiatives should be considered to drive competitive advantages in attracting and retaining key talent
  • How financial close automation enables smooth transition when churn happens due to standardized processes and controls in place
  • How removing low value repetitive and manual tasks can enable a shift of focus to delivering key insights
  • How financial close automation can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes in both a virtual or hybrid environment
  • How to identify ROI to be able to build the business case for change


Syril Mathai
Syril Mathai – VP – Global Leader, Strategic Solutions, Trintech

Omar Choucair, CFO,

David Woodall,
Director of Strategic Marketing