Webinar: R2R Present and Future – Meeting Today’s Challenges, Driving Tomorrow’s Progress

The challenge we face as Shared Service finance professionals hasn’t fundamentally changed, to deliver more to the business, improve quality, reduce cost and time, and deliver actionable intelligence to enable performance improvements. But how can we do this when there are fundamental barriers in our way such as a lack of standardisation, poor quality of source data, not to mention an over reliance on manual activities. This challenge has only intensified across the financial close over the past weeks due to the disruption caused recently by remote working.

In this panel discussion, we would like to share with you some primary research we recently conducted that highlights some of the reasons companies are struggling and how these obstacles are being overcome by leading organisations. We will examine what the current environment means for us as Finance Shared Services professionals along with exploring what the long-term future looks like for Shared Service Centers: will financial processes return to the status quo or has the Record to Report (R2R) process shifted indefinitely?

Rob Dean – Director of Pre-Sales EMEA, Trintech

Andrew Potter – Head of Financial Accounting, Engie