Webinar: Your ERP Can’t Do It All – The Top 4 Benefits of Integrating Your ERP to Financial Automation Software

Your ERP is a powerful tool for managing day-to-day activities and the quantitative information that a company produces; however, large portions of the financial close process still happen outside of the ERP creating gaps that require manual execution to complete. Whether you’re using one ERP or multiple ERPs, these gaps introduce material risk and create manual processes causing rework, inefficiencies, and low employee morale.

To capture the full benefits of your ERP, leading companies are looking beyond their ERP and investing in financial automation software to streamline the financial close process. During this webinar to understand the challenges your organization faces from closing outside your ERP and how financial automation software can increase your team’s productivity, streamline processes, and ensure data accuracy.


Michael Uram – Director, Product Management, Trintech