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Simplify Your Close in the Banking Office of Finance

Streamline your financial close to handle the increasing complexities and future innovation within the banking and finance industry.

Digitize Your Financial Institution by Automating and Streamlining Reconciliations

Gain enhanced privacy, security, regulatory compliance, and third-party risk management for the financial close.

As banking and related industries continue to evolve, it becomes more evident that digital technologies are the best way forward. While manual methods of reconciliation have their place in accounting operations, they do not allow for flexibility and security within the financial services industry.

Trintech is committed to providing industry-leading protections for the financial data housed in its solutions, and we have taken significant steps to ensure its safety. With Trintech’s suite of highly secure, cloud-based financial close solutions, you can focus less on technology and more on simplifying your financial close process. While Adra cannot be audited by the FFIEC, we understand the complexity and challenges that come with comprehensive regulation. As such, we have built out a FFIEC blueprint for the financial close, to help you streamline your compliance.


FFIEC Blueprint for financial close:

  • Built-in accordance with Microsoft Azure’s native architecture blueprint
  • Threat models to understand the points of potential risk
  • Security control implementation mappings to the most recent FFIEC handbook
  • Customer responsibility matrix which details the implementation of each objective and their ownership
  • Part of the Financial Services – Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) cyber intelligence sharing community consisting of 15,000 members

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Transform Your Manual Processes through Automation

Discover the challenges F&A teams face in a virtual close, and learn how Adra simplifies this process.



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