Trintech & Microsoft Dynamics: Powerful Together

Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays an essential role in the management of daily operations, from customer engagement systems to serving as the system of record for all finance and operations activity. Dynamics helps you enhance your financial decision-making, unify and automate your business processes and have a strategic impact on the business.

With the breadth of solutions solved by Dynamics there is an opportunity for improvement in financial close visibility in the depth of financial close visibility, control, and efficiency. To compliment Dynamics and help you maximize the value of your ERP investment, Trintech has created an unparalleled, pre-built, Microsoft-certified connector for the Adra Suite of Solutions.

A Certified Microsoft Partner for a reason

Adra has been built stone by stone, customer by customer, evolving over two decades, incorporating the best of the market into our Financial Close Management solution, purpose-built for the mid-market. Adra empowers Finance professionals who want to leverage best-of-breed solutions for their operations and financial close management processes.

Control and automation of reconciliations with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Adra seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations to start with an accurate ending trial balance to begin your reconciliations. In Adra, users can then substantiate their reconciliations with documentation and comments, enabling a workflow in the tool, rather than emails or chats. Reviewers and managers can immediately and always see the progress of the reconciliations across month-end and the impact on the business.


Actionable financial close, actionable insights in PowerBI

Data is the new gold, or so the saying goes. Adra Analytics offers the ability to answer organizational-specific questions that always arise through accessible data, in the analytics tool of your choice, Excel, PowerBI, etc. Foundational PowerBI reports are provided to help you track your progress of process improvement over time and evaluate account variances.





Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays an essential role in the management of daily operations, from customer engagement systems to serving as the system of record for...

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Visibility across all close tasks – inside and outside of Dynamics

The month-end process has checks and balances for a reason, we respect the processes but can offer visibility and automation on top of the existing workflows. With Adra Task Manager, all financial close processes, whether done inside of Dynamics or not, can be tracked and monitored with inherent visibility to help control close risk and best balance workload across the team.

Scalable to meet your organization’s growth potential

Our goal is to provide a service that helps your organization grow, scale and gives you time to focus on what matters most to you, your customers. With Adra, you are getting a purpose-built, mid-market solution that will help you get more time back in your day and shorten your close cycle. Adra will scale as your organization grows, takes on additional investment, or needs appropriate processes/controls in place as you reach pre-IPO. Our dedicated team of experts are on-hand from the start of your journey and will be with you until you displace one of the current Fortune 50 companies (at that point we’d recommend our Cadency solution), and we hope to need to have that conversation.

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