Trintecher Spotlight – Meet Aliya Jabbar!

Aliya Jabbar moved from India to attend university in the United Kingdom twelve years ago, after falling in love with the country when she first visited at age five. After graduation, she pursued her dream of living in London. She launched her career with KPMG in Audit, qualifying as an Associate Chartered Accountant and later moved into Corporate Tax. After five years of watching her clients struggle with similar issues and risks, she decided to pursue a role at Trintech where she could be a part of creating a solution to solve their common challenges. By pure chance, she registered with Robert Half, an employment agency, on the very morning they received a publication for a consultancy position with Trintech.

Trintech is proud to feature Aliya as part of this month’s Trintecher Spotlight. Her tireless commitment to her clients, professional acumen and great sense of humor have set her apart and made her a wonderful teammate from the beginning. She’s been a Professional Services Consultant for three and a half years, and has just recently taken on an additional role – helping establish the Customer Success program in EMEA.

Luis: Hi Aliya, thanks for giving me the opportunity to learn a little more about you! I hear you’re a ‘live wire.’ How so?

Aliya: Ah, yes. Admittedly, I am one of those people who likes to keep busy, so my weekends have a healthy combination of many things! When I’ve had a long week with work travel, I usually relax by reading, glass painting or working on my blog (which combines my love of travel—thank you Trintech—and pampering!). On more adventurous weekends, I can be found hiking, traveling or mountain climbing. I just looked at my blog before we spoke and I’ve visited 33 cities since joining Trintech!

Luis: Do they have an opening in Professional Services? Kidding. Now wait, did I hear you correctly – mountain climbing?

Aliya: (smiling) I grew up climbing as a teenager and picked up hiking again three years back. Since then, I try to go climbing twice a year, and I’ve climbed 20 mountains. Next on my wish list is Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe.

Luis: Incredible. So, tell me, as a consultant, what advice do you find yourself giving to our customers most often?

Aliya: Know your resources. There are scores of videos available for each product, and the library is always growing. The online help is updated with every release of Cadency. Certification Help has downloadable PDFs available for each report. In ReconNET, a classic case – a job fails. There are only a handful of reasons. My advice – best use your resources and familiarize yourself with issues that affect your business.

Trintech Customers – Learn more about the available resources at the Trintech Success Center

Luis: Thoughts on Trintech?

Aliya: I’ve always believed people are their happiest when they’re actively part of a solution. Audit and tax could be disappointing when customers did not solve even clearly identified deficiencies. Now, I’m happy to say I’ve been a part of 21 active projects where Cadency gives my clients visibility into the financial close, enabling a responsiveness to issues in real time. The things I always wanted to do in the past, we’re doing here at Trintech.

Aliya is part of 2 team initiatives (Professional Services and developing EMEA Customer Success),  a subject-matter expert for all products, a volunteer for Go-to-Market activities, and she’s always willing to help others.

Luis: With everything you have going on, how do you keep up with it all?

Aliya: I think it’s the London office. Everyone is willing to help each other and voice their opinions and insights. On any given day, I’ve learned to expect a good laugh and spirited banter. It keeps me going. That and a healthy vitamin shot!

Author: Luis Silva Photography: Daniel Taylor