Perfect Your Close Processes with Adra’s Certified Microsoft Connector

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The Certified Microsoft Connector for Adra by Trintech, Demonstrated

Microsoft Dynamics 365 plays an essential role in the management of your daily operations, from customer engagement systems to serving as the system of record for all finance and operations activity. To complement Dynamics and help you maximize the value of your ERP investment, Trintech has created an unparalleled, pre-built, certified Microsoft connector for its Adra Suite.

In a recent live demo, Product Manager Jon Sykora showed off the powerful capabilities offered by combining Adra by Trintech with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Accessible as its own tile within D365, Trintech’s Adra Suite natively connects to the ERP and its data inputs.

“We literally have real estate inside of Microsoft D365.” – Jon Sykora, Product Manager

While the benefits afforded by Adra are clear, seeing the software in use is even more convincing. The live walkthrough transitioned seamlessly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations into the Adra suite itself; from there, viewers witnessed a full bank-to-book reconciliation report resolved in a matter of minutes. It all begins with Adra Matcher.

Data seamlessly flows from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations through Adra thanks to our certified Microsoft connector.

Adra Matcher: A Daily Tool for Your Reconciliation Report Needs

Adra Matcher makes it possible to match transactions with bank statements, credit card statements, point of sale, merchant, 3rd party delivery services, and other external sources in a fraction of the time that manual processes take through powerful automation.

Once inside the Adra Matcher platform, users are directed immediately to the homepage, which shows all pertinent info on what has yet to be completed. This makes it a breeze to ensure that daily reconciliations are being completed.

For the purposes of this demo, Sykora demonstrated Adra’s ease of use by adding the data needed for a bank-to-book reconciliation by simply dragging and dropping the necessary data directly into the tool. From there, automation can take over.

“Matcher will automatically read the files, place them in the appropriate reconciliation report, and if all files have been detected that complete the reconciliation, it will start running the automatic match rules…. If you’re doing that overnight, then you can actually walk in the door and start looking only at your exceptions.” – Jon Sykora, Product Manager

Matcher can complete one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many matching while flagging both unmatched and matched exceptions. Additionally, users can interact with the data in a variety of ways, including:

  • Filtering by matching rules, value amounts, or dates (specific or a range)
  • Search criteria including text search
  • Data exports
  • Custom filters and reporting

Perhaps most impressive, Matcher enables the creation of custom matching rules, further reducing the need for manual matching.

Once you reach month-end, any outstanding items in Matcher can be sent to Adra Balancer, the month-end balance sheet reconciliation solution, with the click of a button.

Adra Balancer’s Seamless Integration Through The Microsoft Connector

Adra Balancer takes the repetition out of the balance sheet reconciliation process for a financial close that’s fast, accurate, and easy to manage by automatically identifying and reconciling matched transactions. With Adra Balancer deployed, financial teams only have to investigate exceptions.

Navigating to Adra Balancer lands a user at its dashboard, where they can see everything assigned to them no matter the level. Whether assigned as a preparer, reviewer, or approver, Adra Balancer makes it easy to track work through tasks and personal KPIs.

When reconciling specific line items, Adra Balancer facilitates centralizing the data: a preparer can add explanatory notes, and attach a file or include a link as supporting evidence for the approver. Also, Balancer’s System Certify settings make automation possible for reconciliations that meet an established criteria.

While Adra’s products are system-, source-, and file-agnostic, its ability to operate in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is truly powerful.

“We can also use our direct Microsoft connector to D365 to bring in the balances. This can be run on a schedule, and even if this has been autocompleted, if there has been a GL balance change the system will automatically reopen this reconciliation report, notify everyone in the workflow, and provide them with a reason why.” – Jon Sykora, Product Manager

Balancer offers transparency through the entire reconciliation process through its various dashboards, which display:

  • The status of each reconciliation
  • How many accounts are on each status
  • Finalized vs non-finalized accounts
  • The status of key accounts (which are self-identified)

For even more visibility into your team’s processes, turn to Adra Task Manager.

Track Progress With Adra Task Manager

From checklists and task libraries to status updates, Adra Task Manager is an all-in-one solution to manage month-end processes.

Adra Task Manager allows the setup of a centralized workflow that is visible to all team members through preceding and succeeding tasks that display status, the owner of the task, and any due dates. These tasks are established by policies and procedures that are listed directly within each task. Everything within the tasks is date-, time-, and user-stamped and fully editable.

“Editing the details includes changing the preparer or the approver. This is helpful if someone is out sick or on vacation, so that you can assign those tasks to someone else to remove the bottleneck that might exist.” – Jon Sykora, Product Manager

As ever, tasks support full transparency and accountability through supporting file documentation and comments. Gone are the days of shouting clarifying questions about a spreadsheet over cubicles.

Maximize your month-end processes by leveraging Adra's certified Microsoft connector.

While the benefits and capabilities of Adra discussed here are impressive, they’re only a portion of what the software suite can provide. When combined with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, there’s even greater potential. Check out the demo, now available on demand, to see even more features in action.


Written by: Nathan Stabenfeldt