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The most time-consuming tasks in the financial close are substantiating the balances and adding supporting documents. A big reason is that spreadsheets are still the dominant tool used by finance departments for balance sheet reconciliations. Often, Excel files are derivatives of originals created eons ago, and now they have broken links and macros no one can decipher. You must figure out a way to streamline this process because your accounts will only keep growing and getting more complex.

Key Benefits of Our Automated Reconciliation Solution

Adra® Balancer by Trintech brings the speed, accuracy, and control you’ve been craving in your balance sheet reconciliation process. Some key benefits of our automated reconciliation tool include:

  • Fast, easy reconciliation preparation
  • Increased visibility and knowledge sharing
  • Reduce errors and gain control with streamlined approval
  • Simplify compliance with instant tracking
  • Increase productivity by prioritizing workflows
  • Seamless integration with other products in the Adra Suite to simplify and automate closes processes

Download the product brochure below to explore how Adra Balancer can optimize and simplify your existing financial close processes.