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Close Faster with Confidence by Centralizing Tasks and Documentation

The process of closing the books and reporting the results is a complex feat of project management. It takes a lot of planning and coordination to complete all of the tasks in a short period of time while ensuring compliance with financial controls. Still, the company wants you to close faster, and won’t give you more resources. How do you do that without sacrificing accuracy?

Adra® Task Manager automatically documents the progress of each item on your to-do list. You and your team will save time by standardizing tasks, improving the flow of information, and adopting best practices.

Key Benefits of a Close Task Management Solution

  • Effortless definition and execution of period-end tasks
  • Enhanced visibility and control across the entire close process creates ownership and accountability
  • Increase efficiency with continuous monitoring of what needs to be done and when
  • Improve collaboration with better flow of information and more transparency, reducing time spent in meetings
  • Increase enforcement of best practices and internal controls
  • Seamless integration with the Adra Suite that simplifies and automates closes processes
  • Close automation with system prepared parent tasks

Download the Adra Task Manager brochure to explore how implementing a close task management solution can benefit your Office of Finance.