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Outsourced Accounting Made Simple

The Adra Suite of Solutions by Trintech helps innovative businesses close with confidence by streamlining processes, improving speed and accuracy, and reducing risk, empowering the Office of Finance to close with confidence. The simplicity of the Adra solution means it can be implemented in a matter of days and seamlessly operationalized within your teams. Adra’s reliable, high-quality reporting provides greater insight into the financial health of your business, allowing you to implement more robust policies and controls and to be confident and secure in your financial reporting.

If you’re already working with one of Trintech’s partners for outsourced accounting services, Adra by Trintech can take your financial close processes to the next level. A few key benefits include:

  • Reduce the close by up to two days
  • Multi-way matching and suggestive matching
  • ERP-agnostic application connector

For more benefits and features of Adra by Trintech, check out the full document.

The Adra Solution for Outsourced Accounting