A Simpler Financial Close Process For Retail & E-Commerce Organizations

The Adra Suite automates and streamlines financial processes while improving accuracy and reducing risk.

Over the last decade, the amount of transactions that the office of finance must properly handle in the retail industry has grown exponentially. This is largely due to the growth in the e-commerce market and the resulting surge in credit card transactions. For example, many restaurants are now operating 80% curbside/remote dining and 20% in-house dining, which means additional sources of revenue to track and reconcile – via online ordering, curbside pickup, and food delivery apps.

The pressure to close your books faster is growing, yet you’re still relying on legacy tools, namely spreadsheets and binders, to manage the financial close. You don’t have visibility into the process. You run into obstacles you can’t predict. Your manual processes are prone to error. Everyone is working harder to meet tight deadlines, increasing burnout and hurting morale.

The Adra Suite of Solutions by Trintech work together to automate and streamline work, improve accuracy and reduce risk—better managing the detailed process of the financial close. The suite seamlessly integrates with many financial systems such as ERPs, allowing you to close faster with confidence and reduce the time spent on your financial close by up to 50%.

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