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Accurately reconciling accounts and identifying the source of missing funds prior to issuing financial statements is challenging, especially if you’re using spreadsheets as part of this process.
The necessary steps for reconciliation are extremely tedious, and spreadsheets are particularly labor intensive, error prone, insecure, unverifiable and, often, inconsistently processed.

What’s more—today’s compliance-focused environment, driven by Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and several other regulatory requirements, means that the scrutiny of internal controls, data security and process flows will only increase. For these reasons, unidentified errors and poor reconciliation compliance will quickly lead to serious consequences.

T-Recs by Trintech offers a complete control framework for daily, monthly and periodic reconciliation. By using this reliable approach for all account balances, you’ll be able to increase efficiencies, tighten controls, reduce risk, leverage cash and make more informed decisions.  Download this brochure to learn how it can help you today!