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Transformative Financial Control for Healthcare Accounting Teams

Revolutionize your close process with the only System of Controls that combines all financial close activities into a single seamless platform.

Effectively Managing the Financial Close to Gain Efficiency and Effectiveness

Healthcare organizations— hospitals, clinics, and the networks they are a part of— are one of the most important industries in our society. But the accounting and revenue teams that keep these organizations functioning are unnecessarily overburdened due to outdated technology.

Unfortunately, for the many healthcare accounting teams that are still using manual processes and spreadsheets as the primary tool for their financial processes. This makes it nearly impossible to provide valuable insights to the organization while staying on top of your daily responsibilities. Investing in financial automation, especially in today’s constantly changing environment, will have significant, positive impacts for healthcare accounting teams in the long and short-term.

Explore the resources below to learn more about the benefits of implementing automation within the financial close process to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your office of finance.

Resources for Healthcare Accounting Teams


The Veins of the Financial Close

After patient care takes place, the payments for all services rendered need to be handled accurately, and in keeping with the pace of the organization...

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Cadency Reconciliation Match

Reconciling transactions is one of the most time-consuming and manual parts of the financial close.

With Cadency Reconciliation Match (Match), your office of finance can quickly perform high-volume transaction matching and rapidly enhance the accuracy and regulatory compliance of all resulting financial statements.

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Increase Close Process Efficiency with Cadency

Collaboration capabilities within Cadency Reconciliation Certify allow users to be added to preparer and reviewer user groups assigned to the same reconciliation, while still maintaining the segregation of duties for audibility. This reduces administrative work and time and cost of the close and also optimizes resource allocation.

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