Avanti West Coast Gains Greater Visibility and Control over Reconciliations with Trintech and eksi

Case Study

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Since implementing the Adra Suite, Avanti West Coast has achieved greater visibility, standardization, and efficiency across their reconciliation process. Avanti West Coast manages all cash within Adra, along with their card and online payment reconciliations at a transaction level, resulting in significant time savings. With an automated solution, their team has clear visibility into their responsibilities and more time to focus on strategic initiatives for the organization.

About Avanti West Coast

Avanti West Coast is one of the UK’s train operating companies that provide 40m intercity and other passenger journeys in a typical year between London, Birmingham, Manchester, Wales, and Scotland. As a rapidly growing company with transactions growing in tandem, Avanti West Coast was focused on finding a solution for their inefficient manual reconciliation processes.

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Business Drivers to Automate

While debit/credit card and mobile payments account for the majority of ticket sales, cash remains a significant tender option generating over 40,000 day and night ticketing shifts per year. AWC’s objective has been to manage the cash for all these shifts from ticket-offices, mobile and on-train operators and automated Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs), along with cash collection services, banking and ‘intelligent safes’ (i-Safes).

As a forward-thinking and rapidly growing train company, Avanti West Coast (AWC) was focused on eliminating their manual, paper-based processes. “We saw an opportunity to become more efficient in how we worked by leveraging leading technology,” said David Whittall, Head of Compliance at Avanti West Coast. Prior to implementing Adra, Regional Managers were struggling with a highly manual reconciliation process conducted mostly in Excel spreadsheets with a very lean team.  

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Why Adra by Trintech?

To help automate and gain greater control over their cash reconciliation processes, AWC decided to implement Adra in 2018. “We wanted a solution that was easy to use, intuitive, and would ultimately allow us to cut time from the process, which we felt Adra could accomplish,” said Whittall. The AWC team worked very closely with Trintech and its partner, eksi, during the implementation process. “The team was great at understanding our requirements and bringing those to life within the Adra Suite,” continued Whittall.

Today, AWC is currently managing all cash within Adra which has resulted in significant time savings. “What used to take a team of 4, is now accomplished with a team of 2,” said Whittall. Not only has AWC saved time in the process, but they are also able to expand the duties and responsibilities of their existing employees. “Our people have now moved away from the manual and tedious tasks, to refocus their time and effort on more strategic initiatives,” said Whittall. Since recently recasting all their Ticketing Systems (TiS), AWC is now using Adra for card and online payments reconciliation at the transaction level.

We were looking for a solution that provided assurance that every penny we received from our ticket sales has been deposited securely and in time into our bank account, with any differences being allocated and reported appropriately.”

David Whittall Head of Compliance

A Single Automated Reconciliation Software

Today, Adra is reconciling millions of transactions for both card and cash for multiple UK TOCs. Both cash and card transactions use the eksi Hub to solve the complex, high volume data management challenges that TOC payments present. The Hub monitors data transmission, converts, validates, and manipulates the source data wherever required to facilitate and streamline the reconciliations happening within Adra.

All data collections, imports, reconciliations, and onward data extracts/report processes are automated – scheduled overnight – thus enabling AWC staff to manage their cash processes online and by exceptions. The power of the eksi Hub combined with Adra® by Trintech means that virtually any data source can be connected automatically – and data validated or enriched as necessary – to meet TOCs’ reconciliation requirements, while meeting GDPR, data security and auditing obligations.

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