Nobia UK Gains Full Visibility and Insights across the Balance Sheet Reconciliation Process with Adra® by Trintech

Case Study

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Nobia UK Gains Full Visibility and Insights across the Balance Sheet Reconciliation Process with Adra® by Trintech.

About Nobia UK

Nobia is one of the largest kitchen companies in Europe and has seen significant growth over the past several years. Prior to implementing Adra, the company was struggling with a very manual approach using Excel based processes to manage and document their monthly reconciliations. This resulted in a lack of standardization and visibility across their subsidiaries in the UK and a significant amount of time and effort on the teams to manage manually. Looking for opportunities to drive efficiency gains, Nobia UK realized they needed to implement an automated solution that would help enforce standardization across all their subsidiaries, provide the ability to easily integrate into all their ERPs and drive visibility from a holistic perspective.

Why Adra® by Trintech?

When it came time to evaluate vendors, Nobia UK was focused on not just implementing a solution that would act as a repository for their historic Excel documents. They wanted to ensure that they were implementing a fully automated solution that would become the central system to provide full visibility into their balance sheet.

In 2021, Nobia UK decided to implement Adra Balancer to automate their balance sheet reconciliation process. The Nobia UK team worked closely with the Trintech team to develop a project plan which made the implementation of Adra go very quick and seamless.

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ROI Achieved

From a reporting perspective, Nobia UK now has full visibility into real-time dashboards that allow them to drill-down into any account and identify risk on the balance sheet. They also have visibility into the aging and status of all reconciliations. These additional insights have allowed the Nobia UK team to refocus their time and effort away from manual reconciliations to developing a strategy to continue to refine the process to drive additional efficiency gains.

Looking ahead, the Nobia UK team has a focus on continuous improvement and will be continually optimizing the functionality within Adra Balancer with the potential of expanding their usage of additional processes within the Adra Suite in the future.

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