Orkla Shared Services Saves Time and Reduces Errors with Adra® by Trintech

Case Study

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Orkla Shared Services Automates and Standardizes Transaction Management with Adra® by Trintech.

Business Drivers to Automate

By utilizing technology, organizations can save time, reduce costs and enable more efficient working across their processes. Unfortunately, for many organizations these processes are still performed manually by several finance departments, burdening their teams and driving up costs. Adra is a solution that automates, standardizes and visualizes transaction management, constituting the foundation for the company’s accounts at month and year-end.

With a need to automate and standardize their processes, Orkla implemented Adra across all Orkla companies, with the solution centralized and operated by Orkla Shared Services.

A Modern Guide to Financial Close Management

Why Adra® by Trintech?

“Our collaboration with Adra in relation to the implementation has been great. We have delivered the necessary infrastructure, while they have been responsible for the solution set-up and further application operation,” said Hannemyr. “We have also prepared for the various companies that wish to use the solution. Adra and their consultants have been very professional, and from our point of view, the process has been one hundred percent problem-free.”

Due to the framework agreement between Orkla and Adra, it is possible for more Orkla companies to implement the solution in the future. The infrastructure is in place at Orkla Shared Services, and all that remains are merely adjustments at each of the companies. The implementation phase will last for approximately one day, where we adjust the solution according to your bank’s needs and financial system. During the day, you will also receive extensive training to be able to do the next reconciliation on your own.

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It is difficult to measure the actual value of the solution, but we are definitely dependent on a reconciliation tool that works and is totally reliable. With Adra, we are sure that this is exactly what we have,”

Liv Marit Rognerud Accounts Manger

Solution in Action

“We have been using the Adra solution for years, and are very pleased with the partnership,” said Liv Marit Rognerud, Accounts Manger at Orkla Brands. “Our decision to continue our collaboration with Adra was based on a number of reasons. They gave us a good offer, they are solid, and their industry experience offers an additional level of safety.”

Adra is used on a weekly basis and constitutes an important part of everyday life for Orkla, both in terms of meeting reporting deadlines and the group’s requirements in terms of bank reconciliations.

The comments we add in relation to open entries are included in the reports, which we are very satisfied with and the imported files are automatically moved into the historic folder after import,” continued Lekanger. “The overall result is that we reduce the number of errors and save a significant amount of time each month.”

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