Queensland Airport gains Greater Visibility and Control Over their Month End Close

Case Study

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To create more value on a daily basis and eliminate manual tasks, Queensland Airports Limited has implemented Adra by Trintech to automate its month end reconciliation process.

Business Drivers to Automate

Queensland Airports Limited struggled with a manual reconciliation process that couldn’t handle the complex requirements of their month end close in a timely and efficient manner. The QAL team knew they needed a cloud-based solution that increased the speed of their reconciliation process and exception identification, and improved the overall accuracy of their reconciliations. After evaluating several solutions in the market, the QAL team felt that Adra by Trintech was the only solution that could increase their financial control while also reducing their operational risk.

Coworkers discussing how Cadency will help with their reconciliation process.

With the majority of our workforce working remotely, Adra has been essential to our organisation. I now have the ability to review and approve all tasks from my home.”

Kishan Ramjeet, Accounting and Reporting Manager

Why Adra® by Trintech?

With a fast and easy implementation, Queensland Airports Limited was able to benefit immediately from implementing Adra Balancer and Task Manager. The training was quick and simple to understand, and users were able to utilize the software within hours. Adra improved our control over the reconciliation process and provided real-time visibility into its progress. The accounting team can now use their time far more efficiently and are able to complete the reconciliation process much quicker. The solution has also given the team visibility on every task performed by each team member. The enhancements enables the team to set priorities.

Balance Sheet Integrity and Seamless Automation

Solution in Action

“During an orientation session with our external auditors on the platform, they were very comfortable with Adra and stated, “It’s very friendly to use.” They could access an aging report on unreconciled items, see all comments, and it had a good audit trail for each reconciliation,” said Kishan Ramjeet, Accounting and Reporting Manager at Queensland Airports Limited.

Queensland Airports Limited’s Chief Financial Officer has a big portfolio under her scope. This solution adds another layer of governance to assist the CFO to manage a broader portfolio. There is clear visibility on the progress of each reconciliation via built-in dashboard in Adra Balancer.

This year, QAL’s external auditor will have read-only access to the platform to perform its audit process. The Client assistance audit schedule are all located on Adra Task Manager. This eliminates multiple files and version controls.

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