Case Study


SEAS-NVE reduces man-hours per month from 120 to 20 with Adra by Trintech.

Seas-Nve Logo | Adra by Trintech Case StudySEAS-NVE is the biggest customer-owned energy group in Denmark, with 335,000 members. Specializing in electricity products and fiberoptic broadband for the private and commercial sectors means that the volume of ingoing and outgoing payments to be reconciled each month is in the heavyweight class.

Since implementing Adra, the reconciliation process at SEAS-NVE is now complete in 1 to 2 days, allowing them to have freed up their resources to focus their energy and effort on higher value-add work. With balance sheet reconciliation fully automated, the next goal for SEAS-NVE is to switch intercompany accounts over to Adra.