Zenith Streamlines Processes, Reduces Risk and Saves Time with Adra

Case Study

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The UK’s Premier Independent Leasing and Fleet Management Business Selects Adra.

Business Drivers to Automate

Finance Director at Zenith, Rob Butler, portrayed a firm going through growth and development, outgrowing the existing spreadsheet processes. Zenith was handling vehicle matching with a spreadsheet that was complex to run, becoming increasingly prone to error and eating into staff time. The UK’s premier independent leasing and fleet management business selected Adra to streamline processes, reduce risk and save staff time.

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Why Adra® by Trintech?

In the competitive business space, it is essential for organizations to run a quick and flexible IT processing system. It’s also important for companies to have the flexibility to deploy their staff in an effective and expedient manner. By updating Zenith’s account reconciliation process, Adra increased the matching speed, even at the most complex level.

This means that not only does Zenith feel safe in the knowledge that their systems are working as fast and accurately as possible, but they also have the ability to re-assign their valuable resources (staff) to support the growth of the business. Adra’s solution provides an interface that is simple to use for both the easy and the more complicated reconciliations, enabling accurate and expedient matching across the board. The system is flexible and configurable to Zenith’s needs – and because of its speed and ease of use, it’s scalable as the business grows.

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Solution in Action

Adra will play a key role in upgrading Zenith’s current spreadsheet reconciliation system to handle the high volume of data and complex matching processes that are integral to everyday business.

Adra was fully implemented at Zenith after an on-site visit and a process demonstration. With the software’s quick and painless implementation, Zenith was able to instantly upgrade their reconciliation processes. “The majority of the matching process is now significantly automated, enabling staff to focus on the exceptions,” said Butler. The firm is now on target to save 50% on time within 12 months, using Adra.

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