4 Benefits of RPA Finance with the Insurance Industry


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To escape the “do more with less” landscape so many F&A teams find themselves in, relying on spreadsheets, binders and other manual processes is no longer an option.

In recent years, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become an important trend in the Office of Finance. We live in a fast-paced environment where the demand for a faster, more efficient and more reliable close process is ever-present. Additionally, the insurance industry must remain compliant with a variety of regulations while handling sensitive customer information.

The benefits of RPA in finance are undeniable– delivering new levels of efficiency and reduced risk for the Office of Finance by not only handling manual, repetitive, rules based tasks but also exceeding previous efficiency levels.

Download this eBook to discover four key benefits of RPA for finance teams in the insurance industry that help to overcome growing pressure and workloads.

  1. Evolve Accountants’ Roles by Removing Repetitive Manual Tasks
  2. Cut Costs Now, and in the Future
  3. Reduce Your Risk
  4. Retain New Generations of Employees and Reduce Hiring Costs