4 Ways Risk Intelligent RPA™ Can Take Your Office of Finance to World Class

Doing More with Less in Today’s Fast-Paced World

Take RPA to the next level with Risk Intelligent RPA™

While RPA can improve upon the status quo of manual processes to save companies both time and money, Risk Intelligent RPA™ (RI RPA) is configured to your company’s specific risk tolerance levels and compliance frameworks for all reconciliation, close and compliance activities throughout the financial close.

With RI RPA taking into consideration the specific risk profile of your company, accountants can feel confident knowing that the low-risk tasks are handled faster than ever, and more time is left to review what needs their attention the most.

Download this eBook to discover four best practices for implementing world-class RI RPA:

  1. Alleviate Human Behavior
  2. Spend Your Time Where It’s Needed Most
  3. Standardize Across Entities
  4. Realize Higher Value