The Future of Finance: COVID-19 Insights from the Hackett Group


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Across the globe, organizations have felt the impact of COVID-19 on corporate finance. In April 2020, The Hackett Group conducted a survey of approximately 100 companies, to get detailed information about the longer-term impact of COVID-19 on organizations and their Offices of Finance.

The discussions centered around organizations’ different revenue impacts, initiatives taken to improve their Office of Finance and new focus areas that the pandemic has prompted. Recently, the survey was presented in a joint webinar with Trintech and The Hackett Group.

Download this eBook which details five insights the survey and webinar highlighted, and learn how each impacts the future of finance and automation for organizations across the globe:

  1. Revenue Impacts Reflect New Demands on Organizational Processes
  2. Required Virtual Productivity Means New Focus Areas
  3. Organizations Need to Enable Better Analysis Overall
  4. A New Vision of the Future is Emerging
  5. Digital Makes a Difference