Proactive Digital Risk Management for Finance


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New technologies mean that finance must mitigate new risk with an effective digital risk management framework.

Over the past few years, digitization of both consumer-facing and back-office processes has been on the rise. Especially in the Office of Finance, conditions such as a larger remote workforce, more flexible employee options and the need for higher efficiency and transparency have required teams to upgrade their technology stack.

With more digital technologies and automation in play, organizations must be prepared to mitigate new digital factors that impact their risk profile to protect the enterprise.

As a result, leading organizations have embraced financial transformation. With automation, these organizations function with streamlined processes that create time savings to drive strategic activities that support enterprise growth and expansion while minimizing all risks. These technologies are being widely adopted across organizations because of the value they drive.

This eBook explores:

  • Five types of technology that drive value for front- and back-office functions
  • Examples of digital risk that finance must mitigate
  • Effective digital risk management strategies
  • The ROI that leading organizations experience with financial transformation

Download the eBook to learn how to create an effective digital risk management strategy for your organization.