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Scale Your Business Effectively

Despite the turmoil and unpredictability of the early 2020s, trust in economic resilience continues to trend upward. In a recent iteration of PwC’s annual global CEO survey, 77% of respondents stated that they expect global economic growth to improve in the years to come, with over half exhibiting a high level of confidence to grow their own companies’ revenues. The Office of Finance needs to be ready for expansion as businesses position themselves for growth.

With executive leaders focused on a growth mindset, CFOs should be prepared to scale their business effectively. This includes punching up essential processes, like the financial close, to be robust enough to handle a more intense workload. By proactively anticipating the challenges that come with scaling the business, the Office of Finance can manage increases while also finding time to effectively forecast and strategize growing the overall business.

As a business scales the office of finance will have to do more, faster. Outdated processes like manual matching and spreadsheets simply can’t handle more people, new processes, and increased reconciliation volume. This becomes a significant burden on the F&A organization. As a result, many organizations are turning to financial close automation to reduce those tedious manual processes and improve their financial data’s overall visibility and accuracy.

This eBook examines:

  • methods and considerations to scale your business
  • the challenges of a manual financial close
  • the benefits of financial close automation software, including best-in-class examples

Any organization, whether doing business at the mid-market or enterprise level, can benefit from establishing a clear strategy to scaling their business. To learn more, download the eBook.