Top 10 Signs of an Effective Financial Close Solution

How to address the evolving needs of your office of finance with an effective close solution

What makes an effective financial close solution? And, how can you identify the best option for your organization?

As the Office of Finance continues evolving to meet ever-changing demands and business environments, they must consider how implementing automation can be a strategic, value driven initiative. Recognizing that evolving and modernizing processes is what creates organization-wide success, the selection and adoption of effective technology within the Office of Finance can ultimately drive business success.

Recently, Forrester evaluated the needs of the Office of Finance within enterprise organizations. The research provides the most in-depth and relevant analysis in years and sets the bar for organizations and suppliers going forward. This research drives the guidance from Forrester that organizations must make “bold investments in finance for business survival and growth” in order to be successful.

Furthermore, F&A teams must be confident that they are providing and utilizing accurate, timely financial information to make all critical decisions about the overall health of the business and recommendations on investments as they work to drive and adapt to new business models. With the right Record to Report (R2R) solution in place, finance and accounting teams are able to solve issues caused by fragmented data sources, inconsistent processes, and dated information, which can slow down growth and create risk for the business.

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