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Reporting and Analytics

Gain meaningful insights with complete access and visibility into your financial close. By continuous improvements and readily available data, making it easier for your Financial and Accounting teams to work side by side to ensure a faster and efficient close.

Enhance Visibility

Identify Bottlenecks

Increase Productivity

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Tailored Reporting and Analytics

Measure financial close process efficiency and quality for continuous improvements over time and faster access to the data needed to support the business.

Lack of Visibility

Collaboration is inhibited and micro-managing oversight is required when there is no visibility into your financial close processes. Narrow in on the details you need, as well as zoom out and see the bigger picture of how your period-end is progressing. Track every activity throughout one period or over several periods. Streamline workflows and improve collaboration with standardized processes.

Limited Reporting Capabilities

Manual methods aren’t capable of providing you the analytics in a timely manner to make critical business decisions. Automation allows you to view information pertaining to your financial close process in the reporting tool of your choice. We will get you started with pre-configured reports, but you can also configure reports yourself using tools like Power BI, Excel, or Tableau.

Lack of Integration with BI Tools

Data sitting in silos creates more manual work every time a report is needed. Fully access information from your account reconciliations and close tasks through a Business Intelligence toolkit such as Power BI or Excel. This means you can create any perspective that you want and track against KPIs of your choosing so you gain the visibility and insight needed to improve.

Reconciliation and Financial Close Solutions For Any Industry

If you can’t see it, you can’t measure it. If you don’t measure it, you can’t properly assess it. If you do not have visibility, you are flying blind as a manager. Enhanced capabilities exist on close task monitoring that allow organizations to capture all that occurs during the close process – it provides real data on what occurs during the close process, when it occurs and by whom. This knowledge is integral to transformation steps and design.”

Bill Marchionni, Account-to-Report Advisory Global Program Leader The Hackett Group

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