Working with a Remote Office of Finance


New Workplace Expectations Have Shifted in the Office of Finance.

As the workforce ages and new technologies emerge, the expectations of corporate employees have evolved. Pew Research found that by 2030, the last of the Baby Boomers will have reached retirement age, making Millennials the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, with Gen Z following behind quickly.

Job Flexibility is a Must-Have for the Office of Finance

As a result, the demographics of the new and upcoming finance function have an impact on how employers and organizations operate. Both Millennials and Gen Z heavily prioritize job flexibility over the traditional office setting. In addition, this new workforce has an affinity towards emerging technologies over status quo processes and methods — especially within the Office of Finance. This means moving away from antiquated, manually-heavy tools such as spreadsheets and looking to automation solutions. Doing so allows employees to focus on higher-level, more strategic tasks that add value to their organization while driving retention rates up and turnover rates down

Download this infographic to explore these new workplace expectations within the remote Office of Finance.