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Transparency, Governance and Control Across Your Entire R2R Process

With Cadency, financial executives have access to the world’s only financial governance solution that weaves all Record to Report (R2R) activities into a single, seamless process. The result—a suite of risk-reducing financial transformation solutions that grow and expand with your needs while reducing the length of your close cycle.

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Comprehensive End-to-End High-Volume Account Reconciliation

T-Recs transforms the high-volume reconciliation process with the most advanced processing power for automating General Ledger (GL) account reconciliations available. Even if you’re performing advanced reconciliation functions, T-Recs greatly reduces reconciliation hours and eliminates the risk of manual operations.

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Adra Suite of Solutions for Financial Automation and Control

The Adra suite of solutions, Task Manager, Accounts, Balancer, and Receivables, will help you work smarter and faster with more control, compliance and accuracy throughout your period end close. These solutions are designed for finance and accounting teams looking for user-friendly, ready-to-go automation solutions to support their financial close process.

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Reduce the cost, time and risk of ERP data integration

Your ERP is a sizeable investment, and it’s important that it continues to be your one central source of truth – just as you originally intended. Some technology vendors require you to maintain two sources of data, one within the ERP and one that sits outside of the ERP in their system, creating two sources of truth that may be out of synchronization.
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Modern and Secure Access to Your Financial Processes

With increased benefits from cost savings, accessibility, security and reliability, many companies are turning to the cloud to provide a variety of software solutions, and automating their financial processes is no exception.

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Accurate Account Reconciliation for Reliable Financial Performance

ReconNET automates daily, monthly, and periodic reconciliation and account balance to help you make more informed decisions. Now, you can automate even high-volume reconciliation while also tightening your controls, reducing risk and increasing process efficiency.

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Automate Your Escheatment Process from Start to Finish

UPCS is a full-function unclaimed property compliance system that automates and addresses each of the four key areas of the escheatment process, due diligence, compliance, reporting and security, in one solution. Now, you can automate this entire process from start to finish, saving time and eliminating errors, noncompliance and opportunities for fraud.

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Dedicated Financial and Regulatory Reporting Solution

By using Trintech Disclosure Management’s unique capabilities for report creation, compliance, collaboration, approvals, and research, you’ll be able to eliminate manual processes, reduce the risk of restatements, and improve control – all while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the whole process.

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Financial Data Retrieval, Transformation and Delivery

Trintech DataFlow eliminates the data acquisition burden facing nearly all organizations by automating the daily retrieval, aggregation and delivery of your financial data. Now, banking, credit card, investment, ACH transactions, armored courier files, and more are all accessible exactly when and how you want them delivered to your organization.

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Powerful, Purpose-Built Bank Statement Analysis

SmartAnalysis is the most powerful bank statement analysis tool on the market. As a purpose-built solution, it is not merely one module of a larger tool but rather a robust, standalone account analysis application that will help you quickly uncover discrepancies and ultimately reduce your organization’s bank costs.

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Siemens Corporation

Siemen’s account reconciliation process was very decentralized amongst each of the company’s business units. Many locations relied on Excel and multiple shared directories to perform general ledger account reconciliation. Siemens wanted an efficient, automated solution that could integrate with their complex ERP environment to deliver best-in-class account reconciliation services to their various business units.

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