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Adra: The Preferred Financial Close Solution for Microsoft Dynamics

A Financial Close Solution That Will Meet You Where You're At Certified by Microsoft and available on Microsoft AppSource, the Adra Suite of Solutions is built for companies seeking to provide visibility and control to their financial close. The intuitive design ensures that each product is easy to learn and…

Assess Your Automation Needs

Although automation is often positioned as the “ultimate solution” for ensuring accurate reporting and access to predictive insights, process standardization is key to its success. A disorganized, flawed process that is automated still incurs errors and increases an organization’s risk profile. Before automation is implemented in your Office of Finance,…

How to Reduce Organizational Risk by Standardizing Finance and Accounting

Today, CFOs are looking to transform their functions with automation to move away from simply managing data and instead analyzing risk, driving quality, and providing business intelligence to effectively grow the business.  With the rise of hybrid and remote offices, finance and accounting (F&A) teams need to be prepared to navigate the…

Automate the Close Cycle for Consistently Better Performance

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Organizations are coming to terms with the fact that manual processes, like spreadsheets, are becoming increasingly difficult to track, govern, and maintain. Finance and Accounting (F&A) teams are becoming tired of constantly tweaking old consolidation systems, or using spreadsheets to paper over the inadequacies of their organizational resource planning system's consolidation…

Scale Your Business: Navigate The Financial Close Automation Journey in 8 Questions

Scale Your Business Through Modern Solutions As a business scales the Office of Finance will have to do more, faster. Outdated processes like manual matching and spreadsheets simply can’t handle more people, new processes, and increased reconciliation volume. This becomes a significant burden on the F&A organization. As a result,…

APAC Webinar: Optimising ROI: The Business Case for Automated Transaction Matching

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsThursday, March 31st 11:00am SGT | 2:00pm AEDT | 4:00pm NZDT
Why is matching such a cumbersome process? Haven't we invested enough money into our ERPs to make this process easier on us? With high volumes of financial transaction data, many organisations spend excessive amounts of time creating spreadsheets and manually identifying those transactions for verification while mining for those…

Scale Without Fail

Scale Your Business Effectively Despite the turmoil and unpredictability of the early 2020s, trust in economic resilience continues to trend upward. In a recent iteration of PwC’s annual global CEO survey, 77% of respondents stated that they expect global economic growth to improve in the years to come, with over…