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Insights from Adra and the Auxis Management Consulting company on the Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak quickly and dramatically changed the role that the office of finance played in the overall organization. While historically seen as “bean counters”, finance and accounting teams were suddenly relied on to guide the organization through an unprecedented time. As everyone began adjusting to the situation, some glaring…

Cadency – Seamlessly Integrate S/4HANA® with Reconciliation Match

Cadency customers utilizing S/4HANA® can now gain more efficiencies and reduce manual work with new integration capabilities for Reconciliation Match. Data exchange efforts are reduced, giving time back to users and IT teams to focus on strategic processes rather than manual upkeep.

Cadency – All New Navigation

New collapsible sidebar navigation for Cadency, giving users the power to easily navigate between processes and tasks. This new navigation also provides them with additional screen space for improved productivity.