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Scale Without Fail

Scale Your Business Effectively Despite the turmoil and unpredictability of the early 2020s, trust in economic resilience continues to trend upward. In a recent iteration of PwC’s annual global CEO survey, 77% of respondents stated that they expect global economic growth to improve in the years to come, with over…

Proactive Digital Risk Management for Finance

New technologies mean that finance must mitigate new risk with an effective digital risk management framework. Over the past few years, digitization of both consumer-facing and back-office processes has been on the rise. Especially in the Office of Finance, conditions such as a larger remote workforce, more flexible employee options…

How to Simplify Journal Entry Accounting and Improve General Ledger Efficiency

Simplify Journal Entry Accounting and General Ledger Efficiency to Streamline the Month-End Close According to recent studies, a significant pain point for finance and accounting teams in the month end close is journal entry accounting. This is especially true of a manual journal entry process, where creating journal entries, the…

Financial Institution Compliance for Cloud Technology

Challenges Faced by Financial Institutions World-class banks and credit unions around the globe are turning to the Cloud to modernize their financial processes—and benefiting significantly from the long-term cost savings and convenience of this technology. With a wide variety of advantages—ranging from a reduced total cost of ownership, accessibility, and…