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Key Financial Controls: Increasing the Effectiveness of the Record to Report Cycle

Explore a complimentary guide highlighting what is likely the most critical part of any company’s close cycle — how your key financial controls are managed within the overall compliance framework. Every company, whether privately-held or publicly traded, has some form of a controls and compliance framework — although that framework and…

The 3 Stages of the Accounting Automation Journey

Automating accounting processes is necessary for leading mid-market organizations to effectively strategize and scale their operations. By moving from a mostly manual process to streamlined automation, finance and accounting professionals can shift their focus to strategic initiatives, allocating more time to identify new opportunities and genuinely impacting the organization. However,…

Webinar: Gaining Greater Control Over Your Regulatory Compliance with Financial Close Automation

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsSeptember 23, 2021
Event Details With regulatory compliance and overall financial scrutiny increasing on a regular basis, companies around the world are finding it difficult, especially as they grow and become more complex, to reliably strengthen their controls throughout the entire Record to Report process. In order to stay competitive, organizations must accelerate data-driven business decisions…

Digital Transformation Has Arrived to the Middle Market

White Paper
Real-Time Data, Visibility, and Higher Productivity are essential to every Office of Finance. We may not know exactly what the future holds for us, but we know for certain that technology disruption is coming to the middle market. In the finance function, this creates the opportunity to revamp finance processes,…