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What Do Customers Love About Adra?

When searching for a financial automation solution, we know you have a choice. However, not all vendors are the right fit for your organization. Adra by Trintech customers love the benefits and ROI our products offer within the first month of implementation— an immediate turnaround that other vendors simply can’t…

Insights from Adra and the Auxis Management Consulting company on the Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak quickly and dramatically changed the role that the office of finance played in the overall organization. While historically seen as “bean counters”, finance and accounting teams were suddenly relied on to guide the organization through an unprecedented time. As everyone began adjusting to the situation, some glaring…

The Evolving Role of the CFO – A Look at the Past, Present and Future

The office of the CFO has become increasingly essential to the future of any organization. Over the last few decades, organizations have transitioned from needing the CFO to be a tactical record keeper and report generator to a strategic planner and partner. With this evolution comes a fresh set of…