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Adra by Trintech Helps Customers Gain Control

In today's fast-paced market, manual methods of handling the financial close process just can't keep up. The Office of Finance that implements financial close automation through Adra by Trintech can see many benefits, from completing the month-end close in fewer days to moving toward more strategic initiatives. Check out this…

Elevate Your Practice With Adra by Trintech

Outsourced Accounting Made Simple The Adra Suite of Solutions by Trintech helps innovative businesses close with confidence by streamlining processes, improving speed and accuracy, and reducing risk, empowering the Office of Finance to close with confidence. The simplicity of the Adra solution means it can be implemented in a matter…

Benefits of Partnering with Adra by Trintech

One of the key benefits of financial close automation software is reducing the need to manually complete essential but repetitive tasks and processes manually. With a central platform that can make simple matches and call attention to those that need a human eye, the Office of Finance can save hours…

Why M3 Partnered With Adra by Trintech

Finding the right technology to improve your business practices is essential, but it's also the baseline for what makes a good partnership. Beyond that, good synergy is created by a cultural alignment and having a passion for each other's vision. M3 turned to Adra by Trintech because, at the end…

What Adra Looks For In A Partner

Today people expect their technology and technology partners to work together. The days of being a standalone solution are over. Every decision that Trintech makes is driven by the customer and how best to serve them. Ultimately, that's what we look for in our partners as well. Check out this…

Webinar: Shifting Your Office of Finance from Reactive to Strategic

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsJune 23, 2022
Finance is at the beginning and end of everything – both enabling organizational change and measuring its impact. An intelligent finance function makes data more accessible and actionable, provides data-driven analytics to gain more insights and attracts a new generation of finance leaders who thrive on rapid innovation. During this…

Boost Your Growth and Scalability with Cloud Based Financial Management Software

Cloud Based Financial Management Software Improves Processes and Morale We've previously highlighted how cloud based financial management software can improve your virtual close, but that's not the only benefit it can bring. Relying on manual methods limits productivity and prevents the accounting team from thriving in their tasks. Flipping through…

Optimize Your Virtual Close with Cloud Based Financial Management Software

The Challenge of a Virtual Close When accountants are spread out virtually rather than from a centralized office location, the challenges that accompany the new close environment can make it difficult for the financial close to be completed in a timely manner— especially if accountants are still using spreadsheets. Sending…

Demand for Quicker and More Insightful Data

The financial close process often relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of your people to ensure its integrity. However, for too long, highly skilled financial professionals have been equipped with inadequate tools and technology to perform their jobs both efficiently and effectively. The result of this has been increased…