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Top 10 Signs of an Effective Financial Close Solution

What makes an effective financial close solution? And, how can you identify the best option for your organization? As the Office of Finance continues evolving to meet ever-changing demands and business environments, they must consider how implementing automation can be a strategic, value driven initiative. Recognizing that evolving and modernizing…

3 Challenges Cadency Can Solve For Healthcare Accountants

Tip Sheet
Nurses, doctors, and those in the healthcare industry have and continue to demonstrate their importance to society. However, traditional healthcare accountants that support them tend to perform their financial processes through outdated manual methods, such as binders stuffed with documents and spreadsheets. These approaches can negatively have a direct effect…

What Do Customers Love About Adra?

When searching for a financial automation solution, we know you have a choice. However, not all vendors are the right fit for your organization. Adra by Trintech customers love the benefits and ROI our products offer within the first month of implementation— an immediate turnaround that other vendors simply can’t…

Accelerating the Financial Close for a Sustainable Future

Financial close automation can provide sustainable transformation of finance and accounting processes, leading to stronger insights into how to navigate the current economic environment. Looking ahead, process automation will be a high priority for finance and accounting teams as they look to partner with businesses that will help put the…

Preparing Tasks With Task Manager

Wouldn't it be nice to receive status updates and supporting documentation in real-time, without having to ask for it via phone or email? Take a look at how Adra Task Manager provides key information that streamlines task preparation in the financial close. If you'd like to see a live demonstration…