Statement of Work Addendum


Trintech will provide the following Services and activities pursuant to this SOW for the actual Adra products as set out in the Order Form.

Services for Adra Balancer – Standard (Up to 20 Users and 5 Legal Entities)

Services for Adra Task Manager – Standard (Up to 20 Users and 5 Legal Entities, 1 Initiative)

Services for Adra Matcher – Standard (Up to 10 Reconciliation Groups, 2 Source Files)

The following services will be delivered as part of a collaborative exercise between Trintech and the Subscriber:

By Trintech:

  • Activate software as per order
  • Send welcome package to Subscriber
  • Lead kickoff workshop between Trintech’s and Subscriber’s project teams to define solution configuration and document design requirements in the design workbook for up to ten (10) reconciliation groups
  • Work with Subscriber to devise a project plan
  • Validate data gathering template received from Subscriber
  • Hold one review session to confirm understanding of the design and to obtain Subscriber’s approval
  • Configure solution based on Subscriber’s requirements and completed data gathering files:
    • Configure matching criteria for automated interactive reconciliations for up to two (2) source files)
    • Verifying files from two (2) sources and creating imports for all of them
    • Adding business rules for automatic matching
    • Testing one reconciliation with customer
  • Provide remote training for super users (“Train the Trainer”):
    • Training for up to ten (10) Subscriber attendees
    • Onsite or remote available
    • One (1) session for end user training
  • Provide standard UAT test script and support for Subscriber testing activity
  • Schedule go-live call
  • Provide project management support throughout the implementation

By Subscriber:

  • Attend kick-off workshop call and all subsequent meetings (2hrs)
  • Complete the data gathering templates and provide production-ready files to be loaded
  • Provide Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to attend super user training (4hrs)
  • Provide training for end users
  • Complete user acceptance training (within 2 weeks of completion of training)
  • Sign-off UAT
  • Complete PS survey prior to go-live