Tip Sheet

3 Myths to Avoid When Selecting a Financial Close Automation Solution

You may hear some of these myths along the way. It is important to know your facts— understand why some of these statements are more like fiction.

Your office of finance is vital to the health and growth of your organization. When it comes to choosing a financial close automation vendor, we know you have many options. This tip sheet is provided to help you discern fact from fiction as you complete your research.

As you evaluate financial close solutions, some vendors may try to sell you on statements that aren’t true, such as:

  1. “You can still shorten your close while keeping your current tools and process.”
  2. “We can offer you more solutions, which is better for your organization.”
  3. “Continuous accounting is more valuable for your office of finance than other approaches.”

Download this tip sheet to learn why these statements simply are not true.

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