5 Tips to Enhance Your Financial Close Processes

Tip Sheet

Your existing financial close processes should not hinder your Office of Finance.

As your team wraps up the month-end close, it’s important to remember and learn from the challenges they’ve repeatedly run into. As the old saying goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The financial close process contains enough repetitive processes already, so it’s crucial to break the cycle and remove those roadblocks from each closing period.

Rather than cycling through manual methods that often wreak havoc on efficiency and productivity for your Office of Finance, step outside of the status quo by turning these challenges into opportunities. The financial close process is too significant of a process to pass up chances for improvement. Give your close the refresh it deserves to accomplish your ROI goals and future-proof your finance and accounting team.

Our tip sheet covers five tips in detail to enhance your financial close processes:

  1. Review Your ROI Goals
  2. Review Your Abandoned Projects
  3. Complete a Risk Review
  4. Review Your Successful Projects
  5. Identify Opportunities for the Next Close

Download this resource to learn each tip in greater detail.