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Eliminate Manual Madness to Simplify Your Financial Processes

For many years, conducting financial processes, such as reconciliations, through a combination of manual methods has been the go-to approach for financial professionals. Everyone knows how the system works, even if it has its faults, and little effort is made each period end to challenge the status quo. But standing…

Your ERP Can’t Do It All

“But we have already deployed a best-of-breed ERP.” This is one of the most common things we hear when we speak to organisations about modernising their Financial Close process with a leading technology solution. It’s true, an ERP goes a long way towards helping manage parts of the Financial Close…

Webinar: The Financial Close Process Is a Journey – OWN IT!

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsWednesday, October 23rd, 2:00pm ET, 1:00pm CT, 11:00am PT
The Financial Close Process is a Journey - Own It! Most finance organisations have a common goal; the production of accurate, financial statements in an expedited manner. They want to reduce their risk and their time. The close process is a necessary means to that end, but just as importantly…

How to Manage Risk and Reduce Friction within your Financial Closing Process

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsWednesday, November 13th - 2:00 P.M. ET, 1:00 P.M. CT, 11:00 A.M. PT
How to Manage Risk and Reduce Friction within your Financial Closing Process The last 17 years have produced some of the most notable financial statement frauds in U.S. History, including:  AIG, Enron, HealthSouth and AIG.  The magnitude of the losses associated with accounting scandals stresses the importance of recognising financial…

On-Demand Webinar: Finance 2.0, The New Norm For CFOs

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsTuesday, December 10th 11:00am PT | 1:00pm CT | 2:00pm ET
The office of finance’s role must continue to evolve and place less emphasis on reporting and transaction processing (Finance 1.0). The new norm places a higher focus on identifying growth opportunities, analytics, and strategies that impact the company’s bottom line. The traditional task of closing the books does not rank…

What the Instant Gratification Economy Means for Your Office of Finance

White Paper
Patience was long considered a virtue, but today it seems more like an afterthought. Humans appear to be hard-wired to want immediate payoffs, and continuous advancements in technology have made instant gratification more intense. Changing consumer expectations has also affected business-to-business commerce. Information, for example, is moving faster than ever…

Leverage Breakthrough Simplicity to Improve Your Financial Close Process

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Why Automate Your Financial Closing Process? The closing process is one of the most fundamental indicators of the efficiency of your financial infrastructure. The process sets the critical foundation that must be in place before your finance and accounting team can even begin to optimise its role as a true…

5 Reasons Spreadsheets Are a Problem

Spreadsheets have been the backbone of finance and accounting for decades even as technology has changed dramatically during the same timeframe. Additionally, there has been a dramatic shift in internal and external reporting requirements, as well as increasing complexity in organizational structure and globalisation. Let’s face it; these changes have…