Guardians of the Balance Sheet: Driving Efficiency and Effectiveness in your Reconciliations

Coworkers discussing how Adra will help with their reconciliation process.

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Balance sheet reconciliations are the cornerstone for delivering reliable financial statements and maintaining the integrity of the underlying data in the balance sheet yet many organizations still perform this foundational process on spreadsheets. Maintaining this manual process will create additional workload on the team while also creating potential risk of misstatements and write offs.

Many organizations may find it difficult to prioritize these improvements, but doing so can help the organization operate at an optimal level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Watch this webinar to learn the 5 ways you can drive efficiency and effectiveness within your reconciliations, including:

•                     Driving Seamless Data Integration

•                     Properly Implementing Templates and Structure into your Process

•                     Enabling Visibility and Accountability with Dashboards

•                     Focusing on Critical Areas of Risk

•                     Using Automation to Enable Team Training

David Woodall, Trintech