Unlocking Human Capital for Change and Transformation in Finance


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Panel discussion with Alex van der Kooij, Emanuele Tamazzio & David Woodall

While the old adage states that bad workmen blame their tools, the utilisation of appropriate tools is essential to get a task completed effectively. How would a tree surgeon react if you were to give them a pen knife to cut down a mature oak tree for example? For too long, finance professionals have had to do exactly that, tasked with ensuring the integrity of multi-billion-dollar balance sheets with little more than a shared drive and some Excel sheets. The result of this has been increased churn, greater challenges with recruitment and retention, and increased risks to the business of material errors.

However, things are changing. This marcus evans virtual panel discussion will gather passionate European Finance business leaders to discuss how to achieve a higher level of employee engagement by transforming the management of the financial close. They will examine how organisations can unlock their human capacity, build the business case for finance automation, and drive transparency and control over the most critical of financial processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • How automation projects should be considered to drive competitive advantages by unlocking the human capacity within the organisation
  • How to get minimise the fear of change and ensure people are engaged with the new way of working
  • How removing low value repetitive manual tasks can enable a shift of focus to delivering insights
  • How promoting higher value activities can help to attract and retain new talent
  • How to identify ROI through reduction of costs, risk and improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, to be able to build the business case for change


Alex van der Kooij
Alex van der Kooij
Former Finance Director – Digital Analytics & Transformation
Emanuele Tamiazzo
Emanuele Tamiazzo
Southern Europe Finance Director – CHEP, Italy
David Woodall
David Woodall
Director of Product Marketing – Trintech